Hi There!  Welcome to Bite and Bytes~!

If you are still wondering why “Bite and Bytes”, Bite for food, Bytes for technology *duh*.
The name was invented by my friend who we call “BiBi”, guess she used the letter “B” since it’s one of the initials in her name too? haha!

So why only food and tech? I don’t know, but these are the 2 things that interest me the most in my life, other than my family, friends and SO of course.

I enjoy taking photos of yummylicious food, though not as pro as what some other food bloggers do, but hopefully the photos I take do make you hungry sometimes.
And as for tech part, most guys go, what do girls know about tech and gadgets? Well, the truth is I confess I’m not a geek in all specs, but these stuffs do interest me quite a lot that I can change 2-3 phones in a year.

Since my writing is not as good (I get a C5 for my GCE O Level English), I decided to keep writing short and just fill this blog with photos!

If you did like to contribute to my blog, please write me an email and we can discuss how we can go about making this blog a bang yeah!

Christine with love~ (=

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