Injeolmi Pat Bingsu @ Bing Go Jung

March 6, 2015

The weather’s been warming up lately which makes it perfect for…

Injeolmi Pat Bingsu @ Bing Go Jung

Injeolmi Pat Bingsu @ Bing Go Jung

팥빙수 Patbingsu!

Patbingsu has been christened as the Korean Ice Kachang by Singaporeans and I must say, that’s pretty damn accurate. It’s a combination of shaved ice, condensed milk, and toppings such as red bean, fruits, and nut powders. That sounds just about the right recipe for… our local ice kachang!

Fun fact: According to Wikipedia, 팥 Pat refers to red bean!

But of course, seeing how this was $11 (regrettably, sans ice cream), it is much, much better than our $1.80 hawker fare.

Injeolmi Pat Bingsu @ Bing Go Jung

Injeolmi Pat Bingsu @ Bing Go Jung

The shaved ice of this bingsu was incredible fine and soft, just like the dusting you get from the first fall of snow. Despite the delicate texture, the ice was melt-resistant and only began to thaw a little towards the last few scoops of bingsu. Given the generous portion, this is a pretty remarkable as we definitely took our time chewing the rice cakes. Which brings me to the next point:

THERE ARE RICE CAKES!!! I have a soft spot (pun intended) for all things with a chewy texture and this was no exception. A savoury mass of rice cakes are embedded right in the middle of the bingsu, under that deceptively nondescript pile of peanut/soybean powder and slivered almonds. Just so you know where to look, because we only discovered them towards the end of our shaved ice.

Injeolmi Pat Bingsu @ Bing Go Jung

The rice cakes on the top! Sorry for the messy photo. hehe

I was checking up on the kind of nut powder used, and some have mentioned that it’s soy bean powder. I’m not terribly sure as I thought the top coating was peanut, while the powder layered with the shaved ice was possibly soy bean. Help us solve the mystery and let us know what you think it is!

There’re actually many other Korean Bingsu cafes that have been popping up in the last couple of months, and we’re looking forward to hitting some of them soon. I would like to take this opportunity to highlight that… Bing Go Jung opens daily! That’s pretty rare for any F&B outlet and also very fortunate for us as we visited on a Monday, where most places have their off days.

Bing Go Jung

Bing Go Jung

Happy desserting!

Bing Go Jung Dessert House

102, Guillemard Road

Singapore 399719

Opening Hours: 12noon-10pm Daily
Nearest Station: CC7 Mountbatten MRT


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