Archipelago Crafted Beer @ The South Bridge Hotel

October 20, 2014

Last Saturday, we went out for some chill out session! My boyfriend had discovered this place that serves Archipelago crafted beer and he loved it, so he decided to bring me to try it out~

This place apparently is a boutique hotel, a restaurant under The South Bridge Hotel. They serve food, crafted beer, and have a whisky bar filled with different types of Single Malt Whisky (inclusive of the Japanese type) too!

The good news is, they are still running a 50% off food items on the menu (not sure why, they mentioned it’s like pre-opening special), oh well, as we were hungry for food and beer, we ordered 2 ‘main courses’.

Omelette with Ham & Bacon with Hashbrown

Omelette with Ham & Bacon with Hashbrown

My love for eggs is undoubtedly strong, so I just ordered an omelette with Ham and Bacon ($14.90), after discount it’s only $7+?! The egg was fine, though I would have preferred it to be creamier or more fluffy? The ham and bacon complemented the omelette well to give that rich taste.

Pork Chop with Pineapple Sauce

Pork Chop with Pineapple Sauce

He ordered this pork chop dish, which we didn’t expect them to be so generous to give 2 large chunks of pork chop (with bone). The pork chops were grilled nicely and succulent, and with the pineapple sauce, the whole dish tasted refreshing. It was my first time trying pork chops with pineapple sauce too, kinda loved it, but unless you’re a meat lover, the 2 large chunks can make you full straightaway. haha

Archipelago Crafted Beer - Summer Ale

Archipelago Crafted Beer – Summer Ale

And not forgetting the main introduction to the beer they have – They have actually 5 different types of Archipelago Crafted Beer on draught. Namely 1) Summer Ale, 2) Bohemian Lager, 3) Belgian Wit, 4) Irish, 5) *A special limited edition*. The first one we tried was this Summer Ale, which had a refreshing grapefruit taste with a hint of bitterness to it. I liked this the best and it’s no wonder it’s one of their bestseller.

Archipelago Crafted Beer - Bohemian Lager (left), Belgian Wit (right)

Archipelago Crafted Beer – Bohemian Lager (left), Belgian Wit (right)

The next 2 that we tried were the Bohemian Lager and Belgian Wit, the first one had a refreshing sweet passion fruit aroma to it, while the latter one has a crisp refreshing taste of orange & coriander. Both were good, but if you had only one more pint to go for, I would recommend the Bohemian Lager as the taste would be more special, I just felt Belgian Wit is like plain Heineken beer or something… hehe.

Their draught beer will cost you about S$10 a pint by the way, which I think it’s very affordable, and it’s the same price all day, even on weekends.

Oh yah, you might be asking what about the Irish one and the special edition, my boyfriend tried the Irish one in the past and didn’t fancy it too much, as it had the ‘coffee powdery’ taste to it, he could barely finish it… hehe. As for the special edition, we didn’t have a chance to try as we were rather full by all the food. Do leave a comment if you had tried them!

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries

We had to have a few bites to go with the beer, so decided on sweet potato fries ($10.80 before discount) over normal fries (which also costs the same). This was my first time having sweet potato fries and they were crisp, crunchy and sweet! So is this really healthier than the potato version? Not sure, but it certainly tastes better to me, though with sweet chilli sauce wasn’t the best combination.

Archipelago Crafted Beer @ South Bridge Hotel

Archipelago Crafted Beer @ South Bridge Hotel

This place is sure cozy and comfortable, the seats they have are so ‘atas’ looking, what you’re seeing above is their Whisky Bar by the way. They also broadcast Barclays Premier League matches live when we were there, so it’s really a good place to chill out and catch your favourite matches! However, do note that they are quite full on peak hours usually, with live band performing. It’s unclear why on that night we went, it was rather empty with only 50-60% seats occupied.

The South Bridge Hotel
10 South Bridge Road Singapore 058759
Tel(65) 62222288 . Fax(65) 62222246

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