Azmaya @ Robertson Quay (Shabu-Shabu)

October 13, 2014

If you have ever been to Robertson Walk/Quay, you would have noticed there’s quite a bit of Japanese restaurants there, and most of them looks so atas (expensive) that you probably don’t really dare to step in. Well, that was one of my reactions when one of my friends suggested for a dinner gathering there, for Shabu-Shabu steamboat.

But this is rather affordable and for S$24 per pax, you get a whole unlimited amount of pork slices for the Shabu-Shabu! There’s also the other option of having Wagyu beef, which is much more costly at S$90 per pax.

There are other ala-carte options like Gyoza, rice sets, etc.

Azmaya Shabu Shabu

Azmaya Shabu Shabu

The set is a very simple set up, and the soup is just a normal combu soup, which I believe you can top up for other flavours. You get 2x plates of Pork slices, a plate of vegetables with mushroom and vermicelli.

Azmaya Shabu Shabu

Azmaya Shabu Shabu – lots and lots of pork

The pork slices comes in 2 types, we didn’t really ask what’s the difference, but one is a larger piece the other’s smaller. haha… which I think one is pork belly, and the other one is the loin?

Azmaya Shabu Shabu

Azmaya Shabu Shabu – Vegetables, Mushrooms and Vermicelli

The vegetables set comes with green leafy vegetables, cabbages, bean sprouts, shitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, carrots, and vermicelli.

Azmaya Shabu Shabu

Azmaya Shabu Shabu – Sauces

There’s basically 2 types of sauces for you to dip on, one is white and more like salad sauce, the other is a black shoyu type. I would recommend vegetables to be dipped on the white one and meat on the black one.

Azmaya Shabu Shabu

Azmaya Shabu Shabu – Japanese Whisky

They do sell a variety of Japanese Whisky there, which I was quite tempted to try as my friends had been telling me Japanese Whisky are quite good too. But didn’t manage to try as we were really full with all the meat we are having… haha

Overall, this place is quite worth a go as the price is OK if you just go for the basic one without ordering other stuffs. However, you may just get a little tired with all the same meat every time, so you may want to order some other ala carte, unless you’re really a super meat lover.


#01-12/13, Riverside Village
30 Robertson Quay

 Tel: 6737 6863

Tue – Sun: 17:00 – 01:00
Closed: Mon


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